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We've gone virtual in 2019. Virtual summits provide all the great opportunity of conference without the need for airplanes!

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Virtual summits provide all the great opportunity of conference without the need for airplanes!


HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® and Global Healthcare Resources bring you Virtual Summits: a series of three or four 50-minute webinars grouped together and focused on a single theme.

Sponsors have the opportunity for lead generation, brand building, and recognition as an industry authority through participation.

The Business Of Health & Wellness Summit: Employee Health In 2019, A Glimpse Into The Crystal Ball

January 15, 2019

Having a healthy and profitable business means having healthy employees. What does that mean to organizations today and how is that changing? How are large self-funded employers aligning their healthcare and benefits offerings to meet employees “where they are” with the benefits customized to their needs at that time? This virtual summit will share the insights of how employers are redesigning and reinventing their offerings and how they plan to address major issues.


Innovation in Self-Funding Summit

February 13, 2019

Learn from leading self-funded employers and brokers the future landscape and what innovative solutions and disruptive technologies are being implemented to control and reduce costs. Tune in to see some of the most revolutionary ideas that employers are using to fight against the broken system and how they are taking back control of how their healthcare is delivered to their plan members.


Corporate Wellness: Chronic Disease & Lifestyle Medicine Summit

March 13, 2019

Do you know if your wellness program is working and if it’s even beneficial to your employees and you as an employer? How do you measure the effectiveness of your program? This educational webinar will explore different types of wellness programs including how biometric monitoring can be used to measure overall impact for your organization. During this interactive webinar, we will discuss how to identify problems with your current program and share recent innovations that offer highly personalized programs that deliver results.


The Business of Genomics Summit: Precision Medicine Disrupting Self Funded Healthcare & Wellness

April 10, 2019

Explore how genetics will disrupt and become the foundation of self-funded healthcare and wellness programs and how genomics will transform behavior change in employees. Learn how current solution providers are playing a guessing game and throwing mud up against the wall with specialty drugs, cancer, nutrition, fitness and other areas. Learn how all the genomics companies are not the same and how some are high quality, some low quality and why some get great engagement and others get little to none.


Women's Health Week Summit

May 14, 2019

In honor of Women’s Health Week which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, Corporate Health & Wellness Association will bring the latest in innovations related women’s health in the workplace. We’ll discuss the unique challenges that face women in the workplace and how some employers are making better solutions available for women. Additionally, we will address issues that impact women in the workplace such as healthcare, pay, and leadership equity. We invite men and women alike to attend this unique session dedicated to helping work forces become more diverse and inclusive.


Mental & Behavioral Health Summit

June 4, 2019

For years mental and behavioral health has been a stigma, especially in the workplace. In an effort to respect employee privacy, employers, until now have avoided involvement.  The repercussions of not addressing the sensitive issues surrounding mental and behavioral health are now at a crossroad. According to the World Health Organization and the National Business Group on Health, mental and behavioral health conditions generate as much as $100 billion in direct costs for employers. The importance of promoting mental health as a critical component to overall health and wellbeing, prevention, early identification and intervention is a must for every employer’s healthcare culture.


The Business of Genomics Summit: Pharmacogenomics and the Human Genome

July 16, 2019

Advances in genomic testing have lowered the cost of testing making it affordable for everyone. This has led to an awakening of the potential of genetic information. Using an individual’s DNA a determination of proper and most effective medications ideal dosage and what conditions – if any – you are predisposed. These advances will make modern diagnosing look like a guessing game.


Centers of Excellence and Direct Contracting

August 13, 2019

Employers – are you tired of wasting money on unnecessary medical procedures and wrong diagnosis and complications? By the end of 2018, over 60% of employers will have some type of direct contract with healthcare providers, whether it’s a Center of Excellence, Narrow Network, or a High Performing Network. Employers are implementing direct contracting with providers and winning because they are tired of the “rigged” healthcare eco-system. Learn how employers are getting more transparent bundled pricing for major surgeries allowing them to save money while their employees receive better care and outcomes and are returning to work faster and with less complications. Hear how some employers are making it mandatory that employees and plan members only receive care at specific healthcare providers.


Next Generation Medical Tourism

September 16, 2019

Medical Tourism is changing – are you going to get left behind in 2019? Join leading hospitals, insurance companies, governments, and facilitators to discuss trends and the future of medical tourism. Learn about new emerging markets, investment opportunities, and how patient travel patterns are changing. Learn about promising new markets, such as China and Abu Dhabi. New technology is going to play a big role in the next generation of medical tourism for inbound and outbound healthcare travel alike.


Workforce Preparedness: Opioid & Substance Abuse Summit

October 14, 2019

The opioid epidemic has catapulted employee substance abuse and treatment issues to the top of list of priorities for employees. One recent study found that prescription painkiller abuse is costing employers nationwide an estimated $25.5 billion a year in missed workdays and lost productivity, according to one study. With the rise of drug addiction related costs to the employer – employee productivity, absenteeism, disability costs, workers’ compensation claims and overall medical expenses, HR professionals walk a fine line when trying to have early intervention and provide the help an employee needs to help minimize the overall risk to the organization.


The Mindful Business Summit

November 11, 2019

Do you find you don’t have enough time in the day? Are you having a tough time concentrating to meets the demands of a fast-paced environment? Workplace stress is taking a massive toll on productive engagement and health. 83% of employees indicate that “work” is their greatest source of stress. The Mindful Business Summit will give you the empowerment to embrace mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress and a healthier life.


Building a Successful Medical Tourism Brand

December 9, 2019

Developing a powerful and unique medical tourism brand is critical to making your mark in the industry, achieving your goals, and setting your organization apart from the rest of the pack. Digital platforms help us leverage our brands by putting the power into our hands, yet it is still too easy to hide behind a screen. It’s only one piece of the puzzle. Face-to-face, presence and communication is even more important. Combining all of it together is key to having a strong and successful brand that helps you stand out in ways that separates you from competitors vying for the  same business. Explore how leading employers are working directly with providers to manage their healthcare costs and better manage their employees’ health.

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Who Should Attend?

Healthcare Research


Submit innovative papers and research projects and learn about the latest research and case studies in medical tourism.

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mHealth & Telehealth

Digital Health

Gain an in-depth understanding of medical tourism and how digital health can complement or enhance patient mobility.

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Understand best practices and how to implement medical tourism successfully and create engagement and utilization of your medical tourism program.

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Medical Tourism


Develop relationships with healthcare authorities and employers & learn strategies to increase patient flow.

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Increase your international patient volume as you meet with healthcare authorities, insurance companies, employers and facilitators.

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Explore business and investment opportunities in the Middle East’s insurance sectors and learn more about the changing regulatory landscape from industry experts.

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Health Authorities


Attract healthcare investment & economic development in your country’s healthcare & tourism sectors by connecting with investors.

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Hospital Development &


Connect with government and hospital executives to open new opportunities in the Middle East’s healthcare sectors.

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