Chronic Disease & Lifestyle Medicine Summit | Diet Wars: The Skinny on the Latest Diet Trends

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Do you know if your wellness program is working and if it’s even beneficial to your employees and you as an employer? How do you measure the effectiveness of your program? This educational webinar will explore different types of wellness programs including biometric screening as part of wellness programs and how to understand its impact of your organization. During this interactive webinar, we will discuss the growth of wellness programs and help you Identify problems with your current program and how to evaluate other wellness offerings.

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Summit Speakers

Dr. Mark Heyman
VP of Clinical Operations and Innovation
One Drop
Sally Luck
HR Director, Corporate Services & Wellness
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Karin Hughes
Workplace Wellbeing Program Assoc. Manager
Samsung Semiconductor
Kaleana (Markley) Quibell
Wellbeing Director
Sequoia Consulting Group
Susan Tufts
Occupation Health & Wellness Manager
Dr. JJ Mayo
Associate Professor of Nutrition
University of Central Arkansas (UCA)
Tammy Polanco
Senior Human Resources Professional
Kate Siano
Well-being & Engagement Consultant
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Robin Bouvier
Vice President, Health & Benefits Practice
Dr. Josh Luke
Healthcare Futurist
Former Hospital CEO, Keynote Speaker, and Best Selling Author of the new book “Health-Wealth for You”

Personalized Medicine the Focus of Trending Enhanced Corporate Benefits

Recorded Live

Personalized Medicine the Focus of Trending Enhanced Corporate Benefits. Join us for an executive discussion on trending corporate approaches to Disease Prevention and Chronic Disease Management.  Employers are expanding enhanced benefit packages to attract and maintain top talent - don't be left behind!  Learn how DNA testing, nutrigenomics and disease-specific programs for Diabetes and other Chronic Disease Prevention are being offered to lower corporate spending and improve employee health. The discussion will showcase a number of mobile app's and coaching tools that will ease the path to your employees becoming Engaged Healthcare Consumers and speed-up your corporate path to Health-Wealth.

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Condition Management & Prevention through the Power of Technology

Recorded Live

This session will bring together a fireside chat of professionals that use technology to their benefit! These professionals understand the power of data and will discuss how they are using it to deliver gaming changing results within well-being programs. Evaluating your employee's claims and then creating programs that address the specific areas of concern, customized to your employee population can truly make a difference. We'll explore how advanced AI is being used to empower individuals to self-manage diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions.

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The Latest Skinny on the Diet Landscape, Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and More

Recorded Live

The Latest Skinny on the Diet Landscape, Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and More. Nutrition, physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors are vital components in the promotion of health and in the treatment of disease. This session will highlight nutrition and wellness topics.
• Discuss employee well-being nutrition programs and ways to engage employees with healthier eating options.
• Discuss chronic disease and how making changes to diet can impact the overall health of employees
• Discuss how fitness and nutrition go hand in hand
• Discuss personalized nutrition through nutrigenomic programs.

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